For Original version, see Ro-Bear Belle

Ro-Bear Bella
Robear bella 225px
First appearance | Berbils (Episode)
Last appearance | Berbils (Episode)
Name | Ro-Bear Bella
Gender | Female
Species | Berbil
Affiliation | Berbils,
Family | Ro-Bear Bill (Husband),
Ro-Bear Beebo (Son)
Ro-Bear Bella is a member of the Berbil race (also known as Ro-Bear Berbils), a group of small robotic bears.


Ro-Bear Bella is the wife of Ro-Bear Bill, the unofficial leader of the Ro-Bear Berbils.

She made friends with the ThunderCats after they saved her and her son from the Conquedor.


Like all Berbils, Bella has the ability to form a small sphere, and roll and bounce at a relatively high speed.


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