For the 80's incarnation see Ro-Bear Bill

Ro-Bear Bill
Robear bill 225
First appearance | Berbils (Episode)
Last appearance | What Lies Above, Part 2
Voiced by | Dee Bradley Baker
Name | Ro-Bear Bill
Gender | Male
Species | Berbil
Affiliation | Berbils,
Family | Ro-Bear Bella (Wife),
Ro-Bear Beebo (Son)
Ro-Bear Bill is a member of the Berbil race (also known as Ro-Bear Berbils), a group of small robotic bears.


Ro-Bear Bill is the unoffical leader of the Ro-Bear Berbils. He has a small family consisting of his wife Ro-Bear Bella and his son Ro-Bear Beebo.

He made fast friends with the Thundercats. Once Panthro repaired him after he'd been attacked by the Conquedor. The pair worked together to build weapons to fight the Conquedor. He and the Berbils are now trusted allies of the ThunderCats.


Ro-Bear Bill has the ability to form a small sphere and roll and bounce at a relatively high speed, and he is a skilled mechanical engineer, comparable to Panthro.



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