‘’Runaways" is the eighty eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Original Airdate October 8,1987
Episode Number 88
Written By Bill Ratter
Season 2


Fed up of feeling useless Wilykat convinces his twin to run away from home, but living on their own is more dangerous than they realized. The other ThunderCats search desperately to find them.

Soon the Thunderkittens run into problems, first they become ill from berries they had picked. A creature known as Kudi saves their lives. When the other Thundercats eventually do find them, the Thunderkittens invite Kudi to Cats Lair. But Mumm-Ra has been observing the situation and disguises himself as Kudi to gain entrance to the Lair.

Many disasters occur and the blame is put on the false Kudi, who traps the Thundercats in the council chamber. The Thundercats realize it's Mumm-Ra and they manage to escape and defeat him.


Running away from your problems doesnt solve anything.

Don't eat anything that you dont know what it is, because it can make you sick

If you care about someone , you will make the time for them, always ealk about your problems with your lved ones.



Main Characters
Guest Characters


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"Hachiman's Honor"
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