First appearance | Dr. Dometone
Last appearance | Dr. Dometone
Name | Scrape
Gender | Male
Species | Plunderian
Affiliation | Salvager
Weapon(s) | Lasers
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden
Scrapes ship

Scrap's ship

Scrape is a salvage expert from the planet Blue Plunder and an adversary of Dr. Dometone. He rides around in the ocean and outer space in a ship that resembles a giant robo-electric eel.


While doing his work in salvage in the service of his superiors, Scrape was hired to mine a certain rock from Third Earth. In order to succeed, he attempted to drain all of Third Earths' oceans, not caring what would happen to those who lived on the planet. He soon came into conflict with the protector of Third Earths' Great Oceanic Plug, Dr. Dometone.

In the end the ThunderCats captured him after he tried to destroy the Great Oceanic Plug, drain Third Earth's ocean, and mine the rock. He was turned over to Mandora the Evil Chaser to be transported to the Gray Prison Planet.


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