First appearance | Lord of the Snows
Last appearance | Return to Thundera, Part 4
Name | Snowman
Gender | Male
Species | Snowmen
Affiliation | ThunderCats (Ally)
Weapon(s) | Spear and Shield
Voiced by  | Earl Hammond

Snowman lives in the Castle of the Snowmen on Hook Mountain with his pet and steed Snowmeow. They are both loyal allies of the ThunderCats.

Snowman was voiced by Earl Hammond.


In the first couple of episodes in wich he appeared, Snowman is called Snow Knight. When the ThunderCats leave for New Thundera (Return to Thundera I) Snowman & Snowmeow are appointed members of the League of Third Earth, together with Willa & Nayda, Robear Bill & Belle and Mandora.


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