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TCats Ep6 2

The Storm Charger is Mumm-Ra's mobile sarcophagus and personal tactical transport Tank / Jet.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Due to the effects of the sun on him, Mumm-Ra have limitations regarding when and where he can personally engage the ThunderCats or other targets or objectives. To remedy this problem, the Storm Charger allows Mumm-Ra to travel at great distances without fearing sunlight.

Appearing half sports racer and half tank, it's a hybrid all-terrain Pharaoh-themed tactical transport for Mumm-Ra; it can also fly.

It has an advanced anti-gravity flight system that doesn't perform like traditional planes. Currently, the full capabilities of the vehicle and its full combat potential remains unknown.

However, it has the ability to generate a powerful energy field that can repel and destroy enemy targets. The cockpit appears to have no windows. However, it provides real-time footage of its surroundings on internal view screens. When not in use, it is docked vertically downward within the Black Pyramid for Mumm-Ra to rest within.


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