‘’Swan Song is the one hundred twenty sixth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Swan Song
Original Airdate September 25, 1989
Episode Number 126
Written By William Overgard
Season 4


An Ecology Inspector (EI) comes to Thundera to inspect the new Cat's Lair. His ship uses the SWAN system (Space Way Airborn Navigations) to direct him to planets all over the universe. When he arrives on Thundera, he gets ambushed by Two Time (see Return to Thundera, Part 3).

Two Time uses a hologram to make the EI's ship crash into a mountain, and then when the Thundercats come to rescue the EI in the Feliner, Two Time uses the hologram again. Lion-O manages to fly around the mountain and lands the Feliner. Meanwhile, Two Time flies to new Cats Lair in his spaceship, Dome-Down. He actually picks up the whole Lair and keeps it inside Dome-Down.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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