Sword of Omens

Sword of Omens

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The Sword of Omens is a legendary weapon and great cultural treasure to the Thundercats. It is the counter-part to the Sword of Plun-Darr and the container of the War Stone; it's one of the most powerful weapons to exist on Third Earth. When not in combat, the sword is kept sheathed within the Gauntlet of Omens --- a gauntlet that holds the Spirit Stone and acts as its scabbard, armor, and shield. The sword is wielded by the current Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O.

Powers & Abilities

  • The blade of the sword is razor-sharp, never dulls, and indestructable. It can slice through materials as strong as solid stone and block and refract various forms of particle blasts.
  • It's able to change length from a dagger to a full-sized sword whenever its bearer wills it.
  • The sword can produce powerful blue lightning/energy blasts throughout the blade and a powerful red energy blast from the Eye of Thundera.
  • Through the Eye of Thundera, it's able to grant clairvoyant visions with Sight Beyond Sight.
  • To prevent the sword from being used by dark forces, the sword was imbued with mystical and magical safeguards to prevent dark wielders to control its power (namely Mumm-Ra).
  • Through unknown means, the sword has the ability to sense the goodness in others and won't allow the wielder to harm a good person with its own power (like Viragor).



Generations ago, before Mumm-Ra’s planetary invasion to acquire the War Stone, Mumm-Ra sought guidance from the Ancient Spirits to aid him in his quest for ultimate power. Under their direction, he was told that he would need a blade to channel the War Stone’s power. To do that, he would need the “blood” of a star to create such a fantastic weapon: The destruction of the Plun-Darr Star System.

After successfully collapsing the star, the Plun-Darr System was vaporized and its remains was absorbed by a black hole formed by Plun-Darr’s initial destruction. However, the “blood” of Plun-Darr (ore remains of the system) was acquired in the process via space probe. Once aboard Mumm-Ra’s ship, Mumm-Ra had the Ancient Spirits mystically empower the Puma Blacksmith to craft the Sword of Plun-Darr. However, the forging of the weapon convinced Leo and Panthera (ancient ThunderCats) to betray their master.


The Eye of Thundera joining to complete the Sword of Omens

Leo realized that the Sword of Plun-Darr would be too powerful to defeat without equal measure; he secretly recovered the remains of the Plun-Darr ore (fragments of the original sword that fragmented off during its forging) to help forge a similar weapon. He fooled the rats that cleaned up the ore and had them turn over the fragments to him (under the excuse it was Mumm-Ra’s idea). Leo then secretly recruited the same blacksmith to help him forge a new weapon from the remains of the Plun-Darr ore.

Not long after, Mumm-Ra invaded the planet that had the War Stone. After Captain Tygus successfully acquired the War Stone, Leo and Panthera secretly retrieved the just-completed Sword & Gauntlet of Omens to prepare for their rebellion. They relieved the War Stone from Tygus and combined it with the Sword of Omens to complete the weapon. As a part of the Sword of Omens the War Stone was later renamed the Eye of Thundera. Using the Sword of Omens to defeat Mumm-Ra, Leo and Panthera unleashed their coup and broke free of the enslaved beasts from Mumm-Ra. In a clash between the Sword of Omens and Sword of Plun-Darr, the Sword of Omens won and Leo defeated Mumm-Ra and forced him to flee into his sarcophagus and trapped him inside. Though victorious, the resulting battle damaged the ship and crash-landed into Third Earth.

After their crash-landing, the surviving beasts parted ways to restart civilization and the ThunderCats founded Thundera. The Stones of Power were separated to prevent one race becoming dominant. The ThunderCats kept the War Stone intact with the Sword of Omens, but the gauntlet lost its power as other three stones were disjoined from it. The Tech Stone (green) was taken by a vulture race, the Spirit Stone (pink) was somehow moved into the Astral Plane. The location of the cyan-colored stone is currently unknown. Despite all these preventions, the ThunderCats nevertheless managed to become a dominant race on Third Earth, since they kept control of the most powerful weapon, the Sword of Omens. Since those days, the Lions have been ruling over all other ThunderCats clans. Leo's descendants became kings, passing down the Sword of Omens to each Lord of the ThunderCats, most recently from Claudus to Lion-O.

Ratilla's War & Cursing Plun-Darr

During a unspecified Cat King's reign, suggestively Claudus's reign, Ratilla somehow recovered the Sword of Plun-Darr from a swamp. Using its destructive powers, Ratilla used the Sword of Plun-Darr to become a despot and forced his rats to start a war against Thundera. Unwilling to allow such dark power to prevail, the King loaned Jaga the Sword of Omens to stop Ratilla. In another clash between the swords, Jaga's magic trumped over Ratilla in combat. As the Sword of Plun-Darr is filled with dark energies and too dangerous to be wielded by anyone, Jaga cursed the sword. The earth swallowed the sword and formed Mount Plun-Darr; those who dare enter the mountain will meet their demise there.

Mumm-Ra's Return & Lion-O's Inheritance

For several years, Thundera experienced long term stability and peace. The Sword of Omens was kept under protection of the Guardians of the Crown (the Clerics) until Prince Lion-O was of age to perform the sacred rite of passage: to prove he's worthy to bear the sword and inherit his kingdom. While attempting to master the sword, Lion-O activated Sight Beyond Sight and the sword warned him of Mumm-Ra's return, but he chose to ignore it and used an immature excuse (admiring the ladies) to dodge the subject. Disappointed, Claudus felt the sword was ready, but not Lion-O and took back the sword.

When General Grune returned from his mission of searching for the Book of Omens, he betrayed his kingdom and helped Mumm-Ra's Lizard Army to invade Thundera. With General Panthro as a hostage, Grune fought King Claudus and the king defeated him with the Sword of Omens. Unfortunately, Panthro was really Mumm-Ra in disguise and Claudus was slain. Mumm-Ra reclaimed the Sword & Gaunlet of Omens in attempt recover the War Stone; he was unsuccessful as the sword had been imbued with ancient magic(s) that prevents him from even touching it.

Lion-O and Tygra were captured after their father was killed, but they managed to escape and free Cheetara. The trio then rescued Jaga and recovered the Sword & Gauntlet of Omens. Lion-O wielded the Sword of Omens and used it to blast Mumm-Ra outside the chamber halls, preventing him from transforming as he was exposed to the sun. While escaping, an injured Jaga made an impromptu ceremony to transfer leadership over to Lion-O. Jaga charged Lion-O to find the Book of Omens with the sword and was re-captured by the enemy as Jaga stalled the lizards to help the ThunderCats to escape.

Known Wielders

Leo - First wielder of the Sword, he secretly had it forged by the Blacksmith Pumas to rebel against Mumm-Ra; deceased long ago.

Unknown Lord - Seen in flashback in Journey to the Tower of Omens

Claudus - The previous Lord of the ThunderCats, now deceased.

Lion-O - Current user and Lord of the ThunderCats, Claudus's biological son.

Jaga (Curse of Ratilla) - In a flashback scene (the only known non-Lord to do so).


Notes & Trivia

  • It has been revealed that the sword will not extend if attempted to use against the forces of good.
  • In the 2011 version, there is an enchantment on the sword that keeps it from being touched by hands of pure evil such as Mumm-Ra, somewhat different from the original series where it can be touched by an evil individual, but can't be used for evil (however in the 2011 version it can be touched but not used by less evil beings such as Grune).

Articles & References

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