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First appearance | The Doom-Gaze
Last appearance | The Doom-Gaze
Name | Ta-She
Gender | Female
Species | Human
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra
Weapon(s) | Doom Gaze
Voiced by  | Lynne Lipton

Ta-She is an ancient princess who possesses the power of the Doomgaze.


A beautiful princess from ancient times who was imprisoned in the time continuum. Ta-She wields the power of the Doomgaze. which enables her to mesmerize males with her beauty. She is freed from her time-warp prison by Mumm-Ra after he solicits the Mutants' help to retrieve the items needed to free Ta-She: a tuft of cheetah's hair (from Cheetara), a Berbil's tear (from Ro-Bear-Belle), a shoe from an enchanted unicorn, and a hero to take her place in the prison (Lion-O). Freed, Ta-She puts the male ThunderCats under her spell. She is ultimately defeated by Cheetara, who being a woman was completely immune to the effects of Ta-She's beauty, and is then returned to her eternal prison.

Ta-She was voiced by Lynne Lipton


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