The Duelist
2011-09-09 2044
First appearance | The Duelist and the Drifter
Voiced by | Miguel Ferrer
Gender | Male
Species | Unknown
Weapon(s) | Swords

About the Duelist

Nothing much is known about the Duelist other than he loves to duel to win famous and powerful swords. He keeps his collection within a shield that he wears on his back.


He is about the same height and build as Lion-O. Although his appearance is mostly human, he has light purple skin, pointed ears, and red eyes. He wears clothing that may be some kind of uniform. He keeps a shield on his back that holds many of the powerful swords he has won in duels. He has a thin handlebar mustache.


The Duelist appears to be a master sword fighter. He seems to be well versed in the use of all of his blades.


The Duelist is a sly and cruel individual who constantly seeks worthy opponents in the way of the sword. When he defeats them he takes their swords as trophies. He is arrogant and greedy as he craves only the best swords, which unfortunately included the Sword of Omens. He challenged Lion-O to a duel but when the young king refused, he goaded him into accepting by insulting Lion-O's father.

He defeated Lion-O and took his sword only to later be challenged for a re-match, winner take all. But the Duelist wanted Lion-O's new sword as well as his life, proving he is a killer. When he was defeated by Lion-O, he attempted to kill him by stabbing him in the back but the Drifter stopped him and sent him packing. His actions prove that the Duelist has no honor and no respect for those he defeats, as well as being a coward.

Notes & Trivia

  • According to Art Director Dan Norton the Duelist was based on the idea of a hybrid Lee Van Cleef meets Vincent Price as a muppet.
  • In the episode, the Duelist was supposed to use the Sword of Hatanzo against Lion-O, but due to miscommunication with the animators he used the wrong sword.


  • "The Sword of Omens is legendary, even in these parts.  But it's not your blade that needs to prove itself... it's you."



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