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‘’The Shifter" is the sixty fourth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

The Shifter
Original Airdate December 19,1985
Episode Number 64
Written By Matthew Malach
Season 1

Vultureman invents a new weapon that transfers Snarf's body with Panthro's mind.


Vultureman creates a device that shifts minds and bodies. He gives Panthro Snarf's body, and gives Snarf Panthro's Body. He also shifts Lion-O and Wilykat, and thus makes the Sword of Omens unusable. Eventually, Vultureman shoots the sword, and it causes a reaction that restores all the Thundercats to their rightful bodies.



The infamous "samoflange" outtake came from this episode.



Main Characters
Guest Characters


Castle Plun-Darr; Cats' Lair;  spaceboardThunderTank

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