‘’The Wild Workout is the one hundred sixth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

The Wild Workout
Original Airdate September 26, 1988
Episode Number 106
Written By Becky Hartman
Season 3


The Lunataks hook up exercise machines to generate power for Sky Tomb's engines, but their own laziness forces them to find Thundercats to do the hard work. Ultimately, they opted to capture Cheetara, the most mobile of the Thundercats, to use her speed as a power source for the contraption. They corner her in the forest while she is performing her morning jog.

Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra plans to lure the ThunderCats into a freezing trap in the Caverns of Cold on New Thundera. His plans are thwarted, thanks to Snarf.

Unfortunatly The Lunataks capture the other ThunderCats and force them to workout on the machines to power up the ship. The ThunderCats manage to overwork the power supply, and escape from Sky Tomb. Back in the caverns, Snarf manages to get the sword of omens to Lion-O with his tail, and they escape and return to Third Earth.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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"Bracelet of Power"
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