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This list is intended to showcase accurate information concerning the episodes of the 2011 series of thundercats. However, to a point it is based on what is leaked.

Note: Episodes 15 aired in Ireland on 02-11-2012.[1] It is unknown if episode 14 aired, and on the 18th they re-aired "The Sword of Omens".[2]


1001The Sword of Omens02011-07-29July 29, 2011Michael Jelenic
Todd Casey
1002Ancient Spirits of Evil02011-07-29July 29, 2011Tab Murphy
1003Ramlak Rising02011-08-05August 05, 2011Todd Casey
1004Song of the Petalars02011-08-12August 12, 2011J. M. DeMatteis
1005Old Friends02011-08-19August 19, 2011Tab Murphy
1006Journey to the Tower of Omens02011-08-26August 26, 2011Tab Murphy
1007Legacy02011-09-02September 02, 2011Todd Casey
1008The Duelist and the Drifter02011-09-09September 09, 2011Tab Murphy
1009Berbils[3]02011-10-28October 28, 2011Tab Murphy
1010Sight Beyond Sight[3]02011-11-04November 4, 2011Todd Casey
1011The Forest Of Magi Oar[3]02011-11-11November 11, 2011Peter Lawrence
1012Into The Astral Plane[3]02011-11-18November 18, 2011Paul Giacoppo
1013Between Brothers[3]02011-11-25November 25, 2011Paul Giacoppo
1014New Alliances[3]02012-03-24March 24, 2012[4]
1015Trials of Lion-O, Part 1[3]02012-03-31March 31, 2012[4]
1016Trials of Lion-O, Part 2[3]02012-04-07April 7, 2012
1017Native Son[3]02012-04-14April 14, 2012
1018Survival of the Fittest[3]02012-04-21April 21, 2012J. M. DeMatteis
1019The Pit[3]02012-04-28April 28, 2012
1020Curse of Ratilla[3]02012-05-05May 5, 2012[5]
1021Birth of the Blades[3]02012-05-12May 12, 2012[5]
1022The Forever Bag[3]02012-05-19May 19, 2012[5]
1023Recipe for Disaster[3]02012-05-26May 26, 2012[5]
1024The Soul Sever[3]02012-06-02June 2, 2012[6]
1025What Lies Above, Part 1[3]02012-06-09June 9, 2012
1026What Lies Above, Part 2[3]02012-06-16June 16, 2012

A second season of ThunderCats 2011 is currently under discussion.


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