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‘’Thundercubs, Part 3" is the ninety third episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Thundercubs, Part 3
Original Airdate September 7,1988
Episode Number 93
Written By Peter Lawrence
Season 3


Mumm-Ra retrieves the Sword of Plun-Darr as the Thundercats arrive on New Thundera. While the Thundercats want to get the Sword and treasure, Snarf and Snarfer want to free their fellow Snarfs.

During the night, Snarf and Snarfer sneak away, but are discovered and captured by Mumm-Ra. He disguises himself as Snarfer and he leads the Thundercats to where the treasure is located, but it can only be freed by the Sword of Omens. Once the treasure is freed, Mumm-Ra reveals himself and defeats the Thundercats with the Sword of Plundarr. Now Mumm-Ra possesses the Sword of Plundarr and the Treasure of Thundera




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