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‘’Time Switch" is the eighty second episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Time Switch
Original Airdate September 30,1987
Episode Number 82
Written By Sandy Fries
Season 2

While taking care of a dangerous Suspension Capsule,[9] dug up near Cats Lair, Lion-O is exposed to harmful gasses inside which cause him grow younger. If the Thundercats do not find a solution in time, he will rapidly become younger until non-existent.


One day, while burying one of the time capsules that transported the Thundercats to Third Earth, it smashes apart and Lion-O gets caught in its gases, making him younger and younger by the minute. The other Thundercats try to find a way to reverse the process and realize the Cave of Time is the only way, but they must get Lion-O there before he "vanishes" from existence. Things get worse when the young Lion-O and Snarf are captured by the Lunataks.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


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"Ravage Island"
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"The Sound Stones"

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