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‘’Trapped is the forty ninth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Original Airdate Nov. 28, 1985
Episode Number 49
Written By Stephen Perry
Season 1

Sheltering from a storm inside an old Suspension Capsule,[9] Wilykit and Wilykat become trapped. Things take a turn for the worse when the Mutants find out about it.


When a big storm hits Third Earth, the Thunderkittens are trapped in an old space capsule. Meanwhile, Tygra and Cheetara almost crash the Feliner, but Lion-O guides them in for a safe landing with the eye of Thundera. The kittens are captured by Mumm-ra, but end up saving the day by showing him his reflection in the window of the capsule.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


Episode Navigation

Previous episode:
"Mechanical Plague"
ThunderCats Season Guide Next episode:
"Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power"

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