First appearance | All that Glitters
Last appearance | All that Glitters
Name | Troll
Gender | Male
Weapon(s) | Grasshopper
Voiced by  | Bob McFadden

Trolls are a small, sentient species living on Third Earth who are similar in appearance to Bolkins and Wolos. Lion-O first encounters them after hearing tales about the Trolls from the Berbils and takes Snarf out to investigate. The Trolls use giant grasshoppers to move around and live next door to the Giants. Trolls do not have good memories. However, the Troll who said this, Grygory Grygion, was actually Mumm-Ra in disguise so it can't be known for sure.

Notable Trolls

Home trolls and giants

The small holes are homes of the Trolls.

*Grygory Grygion


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