First appearance | Turmagar the Tuska
Last appearance | Thundercats - HO! Part, 5
Name | Tuska

The Tuska are walrus-like people native to Tuskania on Third Earth. They are brave and honourable warriors, led by their brave leader Turmagar. They protect the source of the river that lies within Tuskania.


A generic Tuska Warrior got an action figure in the second wave of LJN's ThunderCats toy line. He came with a gatling gun accesory that was also used with the Beast Rabban figure from LJN's DUNE movie toyline.

A second, non-poseable figurine of the Tuska Warrior was part of LJN's ThunderCats micro figure series.

Season 1 VS Season 2


Tuska Warrior in the Season 2 episode 'ThunderCats Ho!'

A lot of characters have slightly different designs in the second season, in comparison to the first, Hammerhand is a good example. The overal appearance of the Tuska has changed quite a bit.


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