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  • Alockwood1

    Pumyra a Traitor?

    June 22, 2012 by Alockwood1

    So it turn out that Pumyra died during the fall of Thundara- full of anger at the Royals, and was brought back by Mumm-Ra.

    What do you think will happen?

    Here are some responses from some Completely-made-up-users.

    KillAllZombies- Lion-O should chop off her head, stick it on a spear, and use it as a warning to all who are enemies of his Might- plus she's a zombie and-

    Buddy, stop while you're ahead.

    LoveConquersAll- I think Lion-o's going to use the Soul Stone to save her, and they'll fall in love, and get married, and-

    Too Mushy!

    Okay, your ideas.

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  • Alockwood1

    If you've watched Between Brothers, you would have seen Tygra and Cheetara kissing. Also, if you've been watching their pages, there's been plenty of people saying that they are boyfriend and girlfriend (which tends to get promptly erased.) So tell me, do you think that they are an item?

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  • Alockwood1

    Which series has the deadlier villains? The Original or the Remake?

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  • Alockwood1

    Grune: Dead or Alive?

    November 26, 2011 by Alockwood1

    In Between Brothers, Grune was sent to the Astral Plane as it was being destroyed. Do you think he's alive or dead?

    Of course, another question is, will we see him again?

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  • Alockwood1

    Tigra's Betrayal

    November 21, 2011 by Alockwood1

    If you've watched Into The Astral Plane, you've heard that Tygra will betray Lion-O. What do you think the betrayal will be?

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