Oh, I'm going to be busy...

A year ago I took over as the administrator at ThunderCats Wiki. I have found a lot of issues with this wiki since taking over in the past year. Lets face it, this wiki is one of the oldest of wikias wikis, dating back to July 5th, 2006. That was the time Gvsualan's made his first edit starting the wiki. From most accounts it seems this wiki stopped activity in November of 2009, after slowing down during the year before.

Anyways, when I came in here there was a large clean up, and restructuring took place fixing many things. But one thing I missed which I will address in the next week is image Licenses. All images that are uploaded to a wiki "should" have a license attributed to them. That has not been the case here at all. Recent events with wikia suggest we may want to deal with this. Wikia helper bots were introduced a month ago that auto delete images for copyright violations. The contributors are expected to be selecting the license for each image.

So the next issue is, what that means to you. What that means is everyone will be expected to use the Licensing pull down on the Multiple Image Uploader and when adding one image, click "More options" and then click Licensing. There are 8 different license tags, tho only one really should be used all that much. Fair use is the one to use. Pick it and you should be good to go.

Anyways, expect a lot of edits from me in the next week adding tags to old images.

Starting next Saturday, it will be policy to select a license when uploading images. I will try to work with people on this, giving warnings and stuff, but this will be mandatory.