I have been trying to keep my fingers as far away from this wiki as I can. I thought things would get better as the show progressed as there would be less noobs trollin' the wiki. But from what I see, the vandal/trolls are at it still. The overall direction of the wiki was to be a straight forward serious content about the show. Call it "boring" if you will, but knowledge was what the wiki was about. But all I see from these "fans" is endless edits about feelings the characters "could be feeling" and what something "may mean". Ok kids, thats not what a wiki is for. You see this blog, you know forums are?! Go to them. The articles are not pages of expression of love for the show or a aspect of it. They are for straight facts and what is known. Stop treating the articles as fun play grounds. If that is really what you think a wiki is about, make a new Thundercats wiki by clicking the "Start a wiki" button at the top left side. Wikia would tell you to do that, and so I am. But let it be known, I'll block and delete useless stuff and users if that is what you aim to do. Serious fans only.

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