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My goals here at ThunderCats Wiki

I came here with goals in mind when I took on this gig here.

First off for those who didn't get to read my request to become a Administrator "(Reconstruction-Updating-Upgrading)". Now that being said, I can't promote people as a "Administrator" (Read Here) due to my user level, therefore one can assume Gvsualan will either come back to the wiki later as a Bureaucrat, or he will promote the next person that seems to fit what he wants as a Administrator or as Bureaucrat.

I have a list of things I plan to get done in my short time here (more than likely til the 5th episode is shown). I have a lot on my plate from other projects, so I hope editors understand why I want a clear understanding that time is important. Here is my list of things to cover:

  • Fixing category listings, getting everything categorized
  • Getting all Content Templates up or fixed(Characters, Episodes, Locations, Items, etc)
  • Getting all editing Templates up(Delete, No Name, Need Pictures, Cleanup, Needs Expanding, etc)
  • Getting a Forum up and running
  • Rework the front page so it fits with the new show and is easy to use
  • Get a wordmark (logo) and a background for the wiki made
  • To find and train new Administrators in hopes that they will be promoted. (I'll be noting edits, knowledge, and how well they work with others)

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