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  • Ji Robinson

    Is that MON STARR?!

    September 4, 2011 by Ji Robinson

    I saw the epic episode of legacy again and guess who I saw?

    For those f you who don't remember or don't know of Silverhawks, see this video :D

    Share your fascination's, theories, and excitement in the comments. ^_^

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  • Ji Robinson

    Legacy + Swag Lessons!

    September 3, 2011 by Ji Robinson

    Ok, first off lemme start off by saying that I amtotally new to this wiki. I have NO respect whatsoever for that sruff you called thunderctas. I am ne age and I love THIS thunderctas.

    Now on to the review.

    Episode 7 legacy is basically an origin story.

    • There are four stones not just one.
    • Mumra had SWAG as leader of the animals.
    • Mumra has an epic guantlet and sword.
    • Mumra has ARMOUR with a small side of cool!
    • Lion-O's ancestor had Arrmour with an extra side of SWAG!

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