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Joev14 July 31, 2011 User blog:Joev14

So far I like the new series, the graphics are much better than the original series, the same can be said for the art. I like the way that act as if technology is a mysterious thing, as well as how well the cats seem to suddenly adapt and figure out how to use it (lol)

I especially like the new background for Cheetara, how she is a Cleric in disguise, and by the end of the episode she is the last survivor of the clerics, putting and interesting twist in the storyline.

The one bone I have to pick is that Grune turns evil and Panthro isn't really Panthro, it just seems a little much, two of his best and oldest freinds are actually evil (I know Panthro isn't but, the way they did it he mine-as-well be evil).

So yeah, I look forward to how Panthro will make his entrance in the series (the real Panthro), and how the series will turn out!

Joev14 15:14, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

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