Lion-O says he's been working to change the way the Cats have been treating the other animals, but when you think about it, how's that going to work?

After all that's happened, things can't just go back to the way they were before Mumm-Ra returned. The Cats can't just rebuild their kingdom and go back to living the high life while the other animals live rather poorly in comparison.

I bring this up because, as you may recall, one of the two lizards that Lion-O helped said that the Cats controlled the best land. So, in a way, rebuilding Thundera probably won't change that perspective.

Point is, you have to ask: how are things gonna change when this power stone business is over?

Is Lion-O going to build a city that's open to all the races of Third Earth (yeah, i know, basically this "Legend of Korra")?

Is he gonna create a United Nations-esque council for all the leaders of Third Earth?

Are the Cats going to open their gates to the other animals?

Are they gonna start sharing their resources with the other species?

Bottom line is, this whole "The Thundercats have lost everything and are now travelling the world" thing can only be milked so much. Eventually, the writers will have to have them settle down somewhere. Which brings me to my next point, the future of the team.

After all that's happened, things can never truly be the way they were. Oh sure, Lion-O is the king and therefore will likely get his chance to sit comfortably on his father's throne. Tygra will probably just go back to doing whatever he did before as the Prince, only this time, he'll probably be starting a family with Cheetara, who i predict will either restart the Clerics or fill Jaga's place as advisor to the King (Lion-O in this case) or both.

But what about Panthro and the twins? After all the negative reactions the Cats have been given for their "Might Makes Right" policy, is rebuilding their military the best step? And even if they did rebuild their army to its former glory, if there's peace on Third Earth, what purpose will a General like Panthro serve? As for Kat and Kit, even if the El Dara story arc never comes to fruition, there's still one big issue likely to come their way: Do they stay or do they go? I mean think about, in the OS WilyKat and WilyKit really were technically orphans and therefore had nowhere else to go. But here, they're not orphans and actually do have a family waiting for them back on their farm. So when the time finally comes, which will they choose: returning to their mother and siblings on the farm they once called home or remain with Lion-O's group and live in New Thundera?

My final point to make is how the Cats' civilization will be when all's said and done. Now that they know that technology exists, will the Cats choose to embrace it like the Lizards and Birds or decide to continue with their Renaissance way of life and shun technology once again? Personally, i don't think the latter would be the best choice, especially since the Lizards and the Birds have made such great use of technology.

What do you think?