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    Are you ready for a brand new episode of Thundercats on Friday? Here's a brief synopsis of what to expect from Journey to the Tower of Omens:

    The Cats must pass a series of obstacles in order to finally get the Book of Omens, but Mumm-Ra is hot on their trail. Lion-O must stop him from getting the book first, for the book will lead whoever finds it to the Stones of Power.

    There's also some awesome screenshots from the episode for your perusal from Comic Book Movie:

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  • Kate.moon

    Hey ThunderCats fans! How do you feel about the new season of Thundercats? To get you pumped up for Ramlak Rising, tomorrow's episode, we have some awesome screenshots, courtesy of Comic Book Resources!

    The official synopsis reads: "After escaping their destroyed city with the Sword of Omens, the team encounters the Fishmen, who sail the quicksand sea in search of a massive sea creature. The ThunderCats’ quest is to find the Book of Omens...but Lion-O is more interested in revenge on Mumm-Ra."

    Will you be watching the episode? Tell us how excited you are in the comments!

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