After seeing the latest episode, The Soul Sever, we know there's an intelligent, technologically advanced race living high in the sky, either on a large aircraft or some manmade "floating island" that dumps their trash near the City of Dogs. Question is who are these beings? I have two potential theories as to "what lies above," since that's what the next two episodes are called, ironically.

1) Necromechs- Mayb e they weren't all destroyed. We don't know where they came from, and they are technologically advanced, so that's a strong possibility.

2) Vulturemen- This would be an excellent way to introduce the vulturemen into the new series. Vultureman of the 80s series was the inventor of the Mutants and built their vehicles and weapons.

So...that's what I have so far! Anyone out there agree? Disagree? Have their own theories? Hurry up and share! "What Lies Above, Pt. 1" is due to air this Saturday!