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  • Meg2541

    Good Evening, everyone. This is Meg2541 with your Thundercats 2011 series Review. Sorry it's been so long since my review update, but I miss out on last week's Thundercats 2011 episode. So here's this week's episode review.

    It's starts out that after losing the Sword of Plun-Darr to Mumm-Ra, The Thundercats are heading back to Dog City to get Kat and Kit. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra uses a potion to turn himself into a monster to defeat the Thundercats.

    Now, it's time to hear from you: the fans. Please feel free to state your comment of the show. You can also state what you think will happen on the next episode of Thundercats. What the Cats find the next stone before Mumm-Ra? What will become of Lion-O and Pumyra? Tell me what you think.

    This episod…

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  • Meg2541

    Good Afternoon everyone. This Meg2541 with the Review for Thundercats 2011 Episode 21 "Birth of the Blades." In this episode, we learn about the creation of the Sword of Plun-Darr and the Sword of Omens.

    From where we last left off, the Lizard army is the Mount Plun-Darr to reclaim the Sword of Plun-Darr. Pumyra suggusts that to drive the army into the mines to trap them. Lion-O and Pumyra does this, while Panthro, Cheetara, and Tygra go to the Thunder Tank. Mumm-Ra is on the scene to get his sword back. He cast a set on the sword to light him to it.

    Now to hear from you, fans. Feel free to leave your comments if you wish. Plus, feel free to state what you think will happen on the next Thundercats 2011. Will the Thundercats find the next sto…

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  • Meg2541

    Hi Everyone, this is meg2541 with the Thundercats Episode 20 "Curse of Ratilla." The episode starts off with us showing the Thunderain slaves be sent to an underground cavorn to dig up the Sword of Plun-Darr. But each time someone tries, they end up died cause of the curse that's on the sword. We then find out that the Lizards sold the Cats to Ratar-O to dig up the sword. Lion-O, Pumyra, Cheetara, Tygra, and Panthro go to Mount Plun-Darr to free the slaves and to get the sword so Mumm-Ra wouldn't get his hands on it. Tygra and Cheetara go after the sword while Lion-O, Pumyra, and Panthro free the slave.

    So now lets hear from you, the fans, on what you think of the episode.You can also leave comments about what you think will happen on th…

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  • Meg2541

    The Thundercats 2011 series episodes for May have been revealed thanks to ThundercatsNow and Toonzone. According to the descriptions, fans should expect even more surprises and amazing stories for the next four weeks!

    New episodes air every Saturday at 9:30am PST/EST on Cartoon Network, with a repeat of the same episode airing at the same time the following day.

    Please share your thoughts and comments with us if you wish.

    Episode 20, Saturday, May 5: “Curse of Ratilla” The Thundercats infiltrate a mine shaft filled with fellow cats who are being forced to search for the Sword of Plundarr by the evil Ratar-O!

    Episode 21, Saturday, May 12: “Birth of the Blades” Mumm-Ra seeks to reclaim the sword of Plun-Darr.

    Episode 22, Saturday, May 19: “The F…

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  • Meg2541

    Hi, this is Meg241 with the Thundercats 2011 Series Episode 19 The Pit Review. It turns out that the Thundercats were low on supplies and stop in the City of Dogs for some. While there, the cats made a shocking discover: a cat named Pumyra, a slave force to fight for her freedom in the Pit, a ring where criminals and slaves fight to survive. Also, Panthro runs into an old friend, Dobo, who is the Pit Master.

    I won't spoiler the fun but you can leave your comment of how you like the episode and what you think will happen next time on Thundercats. What will become of the Thundarians. will they believe in Lion-O, or will they be against him? Plus, will Pumyra join the team on their mission against Mumm-Ra? Will Lion-O and Pumyra fall for each …

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