Hi, this is Meg241 with the Thundercats 2011 Series Episode 19 The Pit Review. It turns out that the Thundercats were low on supplies and stop in the City of Dogs for some. While there, the cats made a shocking discover: a cat named Pumyra, a slave force to fight for her freedom in the Pit, a ring where criminals and slaves fight to survive. Also, Panthro runs into an old friend, Dobo, who is the Pit Master.

I won't spoiler the fun but you can leave your comment of how you like the episode and what you think will happen next time on Thundercats. What will become of the Thundarians. will they believe in Lion-O, or will they be against him? Plus, will Pumyra join the team on their mission against Mumm-Ra? Will Lion-O and Pumyra fall for each other? Tell what you think.

I rate this episode 5 stars.