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  • Moehoward

    This is an interesting idea that popped into my mind. You how reimagined series like to differ themselves a lot from there original counterpart, but like to use things from the original. I don't know if this had been talked about but I was thinking what about using villains from the original Thundercats show. I know so far we've seen Mumm-Ra (A must), Slithe (of course), and Grune (not dead, and much more used).

    Like how about the other mutants (Jackalman, Monkien, Vultureman, and Ratar-o). You don't have to make them deadly, just forumable enemies to the Thundercats.

    Or what about those underused villains (or one's that were seen in more than an episode) such as Hammerhand and the Bersekers. Heck I'd like to see Pickpocket and Captain Crac…

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  • Moehoward

    Ramlak's Rising!

    August 7, 2011 by Moehoward

    Ramlak Rising was an interesting episode. The entire episode reminded me of Moby Dick (but it inspired a lot of things so why not). I didn't like the way the ThunderCubs were interested (even more Childish). I thought the designs while obviously being Anime Styled were excellent (I absolutely love the way Mumm-Ra's pyramid is designed). I'm still waiting for future episodes to feature Mumm-Ra in more of a major role (like the Thundercats actually encountering him), and I hope to see several villains from the original series be featured (as well as Panthro). On a side note I thought the Thundercubs subplot involving the food (with the cook really feeding them for the sake of eating them) was stupid, but I get the writers are trying to add i…

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  • Moehoward

    Thundercats remake!

    August 5, 2011 by Moehoward

    The Thundercats remake is excellent (so-far).

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