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New ways to use old ideas

Nevets21 November 11, 2012 User blog:Nevets21

I just had to point all of these out:

OS Berserkers = NS Fishmen

OS Miscrits = NS Petalars

OS Black Tower = NS Tower of Omens

OS "Return to Thundera" = NS "Legacy"

OS Hachiman and "Excalibur" = NS Hattanzo and "The Duelest and the Drifter" episode

OS Safari Joe = NS Conquedor

OS Baron Tass and Mr. Grubber = NS Tookit, Ratar-O and Mordax

OS Leah = NS Gusto, Jenyo and Albo

OS Frogmen = Albo's race

OS Dr. Dometone = NS Jorma and Soul Sever

Point is, it's gonna be a little hard to use certain ideas, since alot of them have already been adapted. (I especially had ideas for Baron Tass)

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