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    1. Jackals or Dogs

    Are the Jackals a tybe of race or breed from the dogs, cause they are two articles which are confusing saying that shen is a dog and the other a jackal, but which is which, I think its best if we do 1 article of Dogs and we include the Jackal article in it as a race, cause if you noticed there were many races or breeds of Dog such as bull dogs and heck even a raccoon like tookit, think about it Tookit is a dog but his race is probably a raccoon just like Kaynar who I think is a dog but his race is a jackal, they are all canines (dont you remember that he was in the city of Dogs, being held as prisoner by two gaurd dogs, plus we saw those two gaurd dogs again in the pit so that means he is a dog but of the Jackal breed like s…

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  • Osiris1991

    Cartoon Network issued a press release for their upfronts, listing all their new and returning shows. On the new side:

    • Nick Cannon Sketch Comedy Series • Annoying Orange (yes, a show based on the YouTube video) • DreamWorks Dragons: The Series (based on How to Train Your Dragon, which is fine) • New LEGO Project • Ben 10: Omniverse • Beware the Batman (the one with a gun-toting Alfred) • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

    And the returning series... • Adventure Time • Regular Show • MAD • The Amazing World of Gumball • The Looney Tunes Show • Ninjago • Level Up • Star Wars: The Clone Wars • Young Justice • Johnny Test • Pokémon • Green Lantern: The Animated Series • Almost Naked Animals • Casper's Scare School • Hero 108 • Scaredy Squirrel • Sideki…

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  • Osiris1991

    Which one do you think is better

    for using as a profile picture, personally I like the first one cause it shows the warrior positon and beauty,

    let me know what you think and check back on this blog post by writing you're comments below, See you around!!!

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  • Osiris1991

    It's still debatable about humans showing up in the new series cause. Im not very sure, but who knows maybe humans will appear, because it actually turns out in the Original series (If you read the comics that continued the series after it stopped airing) Third earth is actually our earth, after Mumm-Ra took over it some Humans fled while some stayed, which is why there are natives like the warrior maidens, If you want to find out how Mumm-Ra took over it you shoul read the Comic ThunderCats: Origins Heroes and Villians, which not only shows Mumm-Ra' Origin but that he used to be human Wahankh that served the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt, if you cant find it than go to this link on the wiki, But…

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  • Osiris1991

    This Saturday morning the newest episode of Thundercats "The Trials of Lion-O Part 1" will air, in which Lion-O experieces death while the rest of the ThunderCats are captured by Mumm-Ra's forces, but he is given a chance by the Spirit Stone to return to the realm of the living

    These are the news about some of the upcoming episodes of Thundercats

    Episode 16, April 7 "The Trials of Lion-O Part 2": Lion-O attempts to rescue the other ThunderCats from Mumm-Ra's pyramid.

    Episode 17 April 14 "Native Son":Lion-O and Tygra discover the village of the lost Tiger clan, but what secrets do they hold?

    Episode 18 April 21 "Survival of the Fittest": Wilykit and Wilykat are forced to hunt for their food, but something is hunting them!

    Episode 19 April 28 "The P…

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