Jackals or Dogs/Vultures or Birds/Warstone or Eye of Thundera

  1. Jackals or Dogs

Are the Jackals a tybe of race or breed from the dogs, cause they are two articles which are confusing saying that shen is a dog and the other a jackal, but which is which, I think its best if we do 1 article of Dogs and we include the Jackal article in it as a race, cause if you noticed there were many races or breeds of Dog such as bull dogs and heck even a raccoon like tookit, think about it Tookit is a dog but his race is probably a raccoon just like Kaynar who I think is a dog but his race is a jackal, they are all canines (dont you remember that he was in the city of Dogs, being held as prisoner by two gaurd dogs, plus we saw those two gaurd dogs again in the pit so that means he is a dog but of the Jackal breed like shen)

So lets make it one article of Dogs.

2. Vultures or Birds

Same thing like above, just in case Vulture man shows up we make the Vultures a race of the birds.

3. Warstone or Eye of Thundera

Same thing like above, just make one article on the Eye of Thundera not two, if you want the warstone article should be about all the Power stones not just the Eye of Thundera and we can rename it Power stone instead of Warstone

Im only saying we should recreate the articles because we dont wanna confuse the readers when they enter the wiki and look up the articles Osiris1991