Hello everyone, did anyone notice that in the episode Legacy, the Sword of Omens was forged by Puma Thunderians. If thats the case than is that how Pumyra might look like in the future, cause they really altered their appearances in fur pattern, hair color and black sclera instead of white. I mean remember how the Puma's looked like in the Original series, besides Pumyra, their was the time Mumm-Ra disquised himself as Pumm-Ra to go into Cats Lair or the Thunderian Royal Gaurds that were seen when they went back a little in time.

I would really like people's thoughts on their new look!!!!

I dont know if people, found the new design better, but I guess we have to wait for Pumyra to appear, and for the fact that the Blacksmiths were Puma's they better not replace Bengali!!!!!!!!!

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