This Saturday morning the newest episode of Thundercats "The Trials of Lion-O Part 1" will air, in which Lion-O experieces death while the rest of the ThunderCats are captured by Mumm-Ra's forces, but he is given a chance by the Spirit Stone to return to the realm of the living

These are the news about some of the upcoming episodes of Thundercats

Episode 16, April 7 "The Trials of Lion-O Part 2": Lion-O attempts to rescue the other ThunderCats from Mumm-Ra's pyramid.

Episode 17 April 14 "Native Son":Lion-O and Tygra discover the village of the lost Tiger clan, but what secrets do they hold?

Episode 18 April 21 "Survival of the Fittest": Wilykit and Wilykat are forced to hunt for their food, but something is hunting them!

Episode 19 April 28 "The Pit": The Thundercats discover a cat refugee, Pumyra, being forced to fight as a gladiator in a city of Dogs!

Im really excited with all these new episodes, but Im mostly exicited to see Pumyra!!!!!!!!!! Who knows maybe because she is a Gladiator we will get to see her in a Metal Bikini. I really want to see Pumyra's design, if Cheetara is a beautiful than Pumyra won't be less. I know alot of the fans have been waiting for her to appear on just to be Lion-O's love interest, even though I would love that, but she is more than that. We'll see more dogs and she will be forced to fight!! I can't wait to see her new personality because she barely made an appearance on the old show and Pumyra didn't like to fight, but Im pretty sure that she will this time.