Thundercats provides a bit of a problem for canon, the show is the ultimate canon and it has plenty of plot holes. First we need to ignore the plot holes, then there is the problem of the comiccs and the new show

the new show takes place in its own canon

and the comics try to take place in the shows canon

and for years the comics were thundercat fans only way to enjoy the franchise

WE need to have four tags, and four levels of canon

Canon-definitive facts from the show, these are unlabeled

2011 Canon- Definitive facts from its own show, cannot intermingle with facts from the old show

Flavor Canon- Anything from the comics or other material that does NOT contradict the show, this is place in the same field as 'Canon' But is labeled before and after.

Non Canon- Any aspect of the comics that contradicts the show, if a newer comic contradicts an older comic the newer comic becomes flavor material and the older comic becomes non-canon. Non-canonical elements can exsist in the same article, but need to be segregated into its own section and clearly labeled.

(please consult the fallout wiki if aid is needed setting up this system and writing up the policy as they have a similiar issue and resolve it in a similiar way)

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