The new series has ALOT OF FANS WORRIED, and that includes me. I am trying to stay positive though. Here I will be discussing different aspects of the new series and the story possibilities involving these new features. Aswell how they differ from the original.

Thundera on Third Earth

Thundera is not a planet in the new series, it is a nation-state on third earth that will ultimatly be destroyed. Instead of fleeing to a new planet they simply flee their homelands.

There are some things that come to mind, first WHY. There is a simple answer for this, because they want to avoid some of the heavier science fiction elements. There is a stigma these days attached to cobining fantasy and science fiction, but I see as the show progress' them working through this.

But you do have to consider, planets are huge. We tend to forget how big planets are. And with this version the characters will be able to behave more like their original series counterparts. In the original series they acted less like the struggling survivors of a destroyed world and more like superheroes. This means less angst with the characters (as such a tragedy would call for angst)

so this change in some ways are good

Also if you are a huge nerd like me, you will recall in the thunderscope episode that thunderians are not even from thundera to begin with, and arrived on that planet after a great migration. This story tidbit could be relegated and salvaged to the thunderians going to a "true thundera" (sounds a bit like new thundera dont it) later in the series

Tygra and Lion-O BROTHERS

this one is going to irk me alot, to me bengali is tygras brother. Although he could have been calling him brother in a more spiritual sense.

This brings up the the question, are there racial devisions amongst the thunderian race, or are the physical feline traits just randomized (like disneys gargoyles) I always got the sense that the people of thundera were multiple races of the same species. Each with their own cultures and abilities.

But is tygra Claudis' biological son? Tygra is larger than lion-o and appears older (in my opinion) yet it seems lion-o is getting the attention. I dont know how it works in thunderan society but the older brother is typically the heir to the throne

Lets say tygra was adopted, then why was he abandoned by his biological parents. I wrote a thundercats fan fiction a long time ago, and in it I wrote that bengali was a child hidden away because of his white fur (similiar to how white tigers are considered a novelty and don't contribute to conservation efforts) But what if it is OPPOSITE, what if orange tigers are the the bad

And just beause they are brothers, does that mean they share a mother? I know its meant to be a fmaily friendly show but the concept of brothers having different mothers could be very cool.

IF i had to pick a character to turn into lion-os brother, I would have made torr lion-os little under appreciated brother.

Wheres everbody

nobody knows, the trio havent appeared, kano is missing, and panthro has only appeared in promo art. Panthro will appear, but the trio and kano should have some sort of indicated presence in the show. Just because they didnt technically exsist at the beginning of the show doesnt mean they arent part of the lore. It was shown later that lion-o thought they died during thunderas destruction

During the collapse of the thunderan nation state it would be awesome if they included that detail

AND INDEED, Lynx-o was included . . .. they exsist . . . hot damn that is awesome

Simplified Mythology

This one is our fault, they are simplifying the mythology and basically making up a new thing. WHY, because they didnt want to go through every single episode and comic book looking for people, places, things, and animals. It is the fault of us thundercats fans for not collaborating a wiki together sooner so that they could have an encyclopedia of all things thundercats, thus making their writing more authentic towards the original.

You can also see these effects in the Wildstorm Comics, especially in the hammerhends revenge storyarch, where hachiman instead of being an ancient samurai warrior from the planet of the red sun with a robot steed. Is a prince of a technologically inept civilization on third earth o_O pretty much opposite of his show counterpart, but they didnt do it on purpose

But there does seem to be greater consistency to some things, there are plundarian warbots in the new trailer. And that is a really nice touch, working with the small details of plundarian culture that were never really elaborated upon in the series.

Kenney as Claudis

f********truck YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD, its not only awesome to have him back, but DANG listen to his voice in the new trailer. He sounds so dang cool

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