I am going to start off by saying that while it is obvious that this episode plays a pivotal roel in the series . . . I think it is the low point of the series thus far . . . but that doesnt mean it is bad.

First off the dialogue in the episode is a bit stilted and doesnt quite flow as naturally as other episodes.

There is the minor irritation as the glimpse of the past, and it feels like a "wrong" origin for the eye of thundera

The episode shows how they get to the tower of omens and finally find the book, it amazes me that they found it so fast. A realy nice treat that they are not going to be searching for the book for several seasons with no luck, something that other shows have a habit of doing

While gettting through obstacles it is revealed panthro cannot swim, which irks me ever so slightly. They finally find the tower after teh series of obstacles, mumm-ra arives adn we get a glimpse at his everliving form . . . which bothered me because it seemed . . . a little .. . small

The tower of omens itself was far more beautiful than the original and I find myself hoping that it becomes a semi-permanent base for the thundercats

So during the fight with Mumm-Ra Jaga . . . sacrifices himself again, another irksome thing

Adn they finally get teh book of omens, which is blank . . . odd considering that we say a cleric writing in it earlier

The episode isnt necessarily bad there is alot of it that just bugs me, but thank fully all the things that bugged me are repaired and made wondrous in the next episode Legacy

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