work is slow, but im picking up the pace . . . . oh boy

um notice hte wiki now has a primary color thing going on with an empasiso n blue and red. Like lion-o and mumm-ra. I am thinking that it could use a more eqyptian color scheme to match the new series more . . . well. . . dull colors


I am working on getting the pages up for every thunderian character in the show.

The dialogue in the comics is kind stilted and hard to read, but I will get around to adding content from them soon

The templates are getting worked ou and I have upload very high quality images of most of the characters.

as of right now im trying to get kano

I wish there was more thundercats fans out there

there were hcildrens books (thundercas adventures), and a choose your own adventure book.

God I wish i had money to get my hands on the, the uk series I CANNOT FIND

you would think someone would have written this all down before

I guess that is why wikis exsist, so we have a free place to write all this stuff

okay, im working on getting an image of claudis and kano right now


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