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Ralok August 22, 2011 User blog:Ralok

I dont know what to say, it was a good dang episode.

The flashback sequences were awesome, there was some good humor with the samoflange a nice injoke for thundercats fans.

The depiction of the thundrillium was . . . .weird to say the least, no longer a gold colored metal now a light purple crystal

the episode introduced pantrho in a way that wasnt stupid, and made alot of sense

I only have one problem with this episode

a single problem that keeps it from being better than song of the petalars (this episode is still better than ramlak rising though)

The depiction of mumm-ras pyramid seems to be . . . more technological than magical, most of hte pyramid was rather ambiguous to whether it was tech or magic. But his sarcophagus . . . . seemed more tech based, leading it to seem he is sustained by technology rather than magic

But . . . . it only seems that way, like I said its rather ambiguous and I feel that is the way it should be


I highly recommend this episode, especially because of the flashbacks

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