Okay guys, I was re-watching Ramlak Rising on demand . . . . and I loved the scene that showed them travelling the world. . . . and I noticed something. Several of the environments they pass through parrallel environments from the original series

There is a Bottomless Chasm, a Field of Daggers, and a Desert of Sinking Sands (now a sea of sands)

all roughly near each other according to the shows dialogue and the map from marvel comics.

Not too mention that they assumed (for osme reason) that mummras lair was on the other side of that sea of sands . . . . which teh sea of sinking sands was near mumm-ras lair in the original show

I have come to a conclusion based on what I have seen thus far. They are using marvels map as a refernce for third earth in this new series

which is brilliant

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