Watcching this episode wa a god experience, the composition of it reminded me alot of earlier thundercats episodess (introducing a new peoples, who have a conflict, conflict resolved by the cats)

I found the characters acting in believable ways for their past character types. You can see a bit of liono have to learn to mature in this episode. Cheetaras blandness from teh original series has been transformed into a quiet certainty, tygra still seems to have psychological conditions (as evidences by his poor reaction to being on a boat)

The visuals are STUNNING

The world is being built really well, bringing to life a new mythology! Mumm-ras pyramid was well designed. Jaga being alive and imprisoned surprised me, his role in this series seems womewhat similiar to claudis in the original (who was also imprisoned when thought dead)

Its fun to watch!

now for the bad . . . . The literary allusions were a little sloppy

Also, for those of you who remember, there was a desert of sinking sands outside of mumm-ras pyramid! It appears to have been transformed into a sand sea here . . . . brilliant change

A bit of humor, when they approached the food . . . I said "Its a Trap" to my brother . . . . and then fish people . . . yeah . . . we laughed

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