First off I would like to point out that there seems to be an emerging trend of the newer episode being significantly better than the previous :P Maybe it is just some warped perspective though

This episode started off good, showing the lizards tracking down the thundercats. Lizards that ARE COMPLETELY AWESOME no really, these guys rock

Then there is a scene of wilykat forcing wilykit to kiss a froog, a cute scene that show childhood :P Although all I can think about is the million creepy as hell fan fictions that are going to be derived from that scene.

Okay onto the bulk of the episode, Lion-O isnt feeling so good about the situation,. He isnt confident in their ability to fight the lizards and he is doubting if anything is even worth it

The message of the episode is conveyed by an oddly awesome race called the Petalar. Their lives lived out in a single day, they show how a single life no matter how short can be well lived so long as the person living that life tries hard to make it worth it.

Lion-o watches the young petalar Emerich from his childhood to adulthood as they try and guide his people out of the bramble the live in. . . .

Its . . . . very . . . very . . . very emotional.

Lion-o holds him as he passes away . . . WE see a very emotional side to Lion-o that I feel was missing from the original series, he sheds a tear as his friend dies. There is sarrow and pain in lion-o but he isnt being childish.

It is a truly emotional moment, and it showcases the pain of learning life's hardest lessons.

At the end Lion-O realizes that life is too short to just run away and hide, and they confront the lizards.

Panthro appears presumably summoned by the sword of omens, in the new thundertank which oddly looks likes the wildstorm comics new thundertank (in my opinion)

so . . . in conclusion . . . THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it made my cry almost as much as I cry when I watch a Miyazaki fairytale

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