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  • Srebak

    I'll try to be frank, i remember watching certain episodes of the original show as a kid and my feelings for them were revisited when Cartoon Network and Boomerang reran some of them before the reboot aired. I had such high hopes for the reboot when i saw the promo, but frankly, i'm starting to have mixed feelings about it. Here's the thing, it feels like the new series is considerably more harder on Lion-O than the original.

    In the original series, i never saw an episode where anyone in the group questioned Lion-O's decisions, nor do i remember an episode where Tygra and Panthro questioned his right to lead. But in this new series, Lion-o's authority is frequently questioned and challenged, especially by Tygra and Panthro. I wouldn't have …

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  • Srebak

    Pumyra Ver. 2.0

    March 21, 2012 by Srebak

    I'm sure some of you might have heard that Pumyra is supposed to be in the new series, she's even supposed to have her own story. The question is, what should we expect? A lot of fans, myself included, are hoping that she'll be Lion-O's new love interest. Others are hoping that she'll be a girly girl in contrast Cheetara's tomboy. What do you think will happen?

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