I'll try to be frank, i remember watching certain episodes of the original show as a kid and my feelings for them were revisited when Cartoon Network and Boomerang reran some of them before the reboot aired. I had such high hopes for the reboot when i saw the promo, but frankly, i'm starting to have mixed feelings about it. Here's the thing, it feels like the new series is considerably more harder on Lion-O than the original.

In the original series, i never saw an episode where anyone in the group questioned Lion-O's decisions, nor do i remember an episode where Tygra and Panthro questioned his right to lead. But in this new series, Lion-o's authority is frequently questioned and challenged, especially by Tygra and Panthro. I wouldn't have minded if Tygra was Lion-o's adopted brother, i just wish they didn't make Tygra Lion-o's superior at everything (and make him incredibly smug about it) there has to be something that Lion-O can do that Tygra can never do or quality that Lion-O has that Tygra lacks incredibly, but no, they even make Tygra sound smarter and more experienced than Lion-O too.

Also, the original series implied that Lion-O had a strong, almost second father like, bond with Jaga, but in the new series, he rarely, if ever, interacts with the man. Plus the episode where we first see Claudus in the original series implied that Lion-O had a strong bond with his father and his father had much love for his lion cub. But in the new series, since Claudus favored Tygra, we're left to assume that Lion-O had little to no bond with Claudus. Especially considering the scene where Claudus spoke like he was ready to renounce Lion-O's right to the crown and give it to Tygra. The only reason i can personally fathom for Lion-O mourning his father's death was because, he was his father.

In the original series, no one ever really called Lion-o out on his mistakes (no one in the group anyway) and his mistakes were bound to be big because back then, he was really a child who only thought he was an adult because he looked like one. But in the new series, Lion-O is portrayed as a teenager (which means his mistakes are actually just part what everyone goes through at that age) yet he is frequently called out on his choices and mistakes, how is that fair?

In the original series, i wouldn't have minded if Tygra and Cheetara were a couple, if they had left Lion-O out of the equation. True, i remember an episode where i thought a Lion-O and Cheetara relationship was where they were headed, but after much recent thought, i realized Lion-O probably wouldn't have fallen for Cheetara since she was old enough to be his mother. Even in the new series, a Tygra + Cheetara romance isn't something i would've minded, if they didn't make it seem like she had a thing for Lion-O. I mean, couldn't this have been one of those things where Lion-O could see that his brother was in love Cheetara and occasionally mocked him about it? Or at the most be one of those things to which Lion-O paid no mind. But, once again, no, they had to make this a love triangle. And now, it looks like they're not even going let Pumyra or anyone else be the one to heal that broken heart of his.

Though the my problems is something that just surprised, in the original series, Slythe and the other mutants were more comical than they were threatening, but here, that comedy was completely down-played in favor of making them more threatening

This all just my opinion, of course, but i just wish the show had more episodes like "Journey to the Tower of Omens", "Legacy" and "Berbils" where Lion-O wasn't being picked on and just showed off why he was Lord of Thundercats because he was in a fight

My point is that with the way the show is going, there are certain episodes that i am hesitant to watch, especially after reading what they're going to be about (e.g. the last three episodes of Season one, i never watched any of them all the way through, though my curiosity almost to me)