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    ThunderCats Issue 1

    September 30, 2011 by The Mighty Q

    ThunderBlog Issue 1


    Welcome to the new start by my this is " ThunderCats Blog Issue 1 ", hosted by me, now lets have an word with Lion-O on the 3rd line!

    Thunder-Ween Contest!

    Hey Guys, guess what!........ HALLOWEEN is coming up the end of October starting Saturday! This contest is where you can make/custimize your own ThunderCat, or etc so if you want to enter post your custimize ETC at the bottom of the comments!==


    This is just an acting bit, this is not real, It's just an acting bit!
    Lion-O: Hey guys Lion-O here on the ThunderCats Blog Issue! make sure you check out the repeating episode of ThunderCats tomorrow! On Cartoonnetwork, There's no New Episode so don't waste your time!
    -This is Lion-O signing of, See you on the next Thun…

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