‘’Vultureman’s Revenge" is the ninetieth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Vultureman’s Revenge
Original Airdate October 10,1987
Episode Number 90
Written By Herb Engelhardt
Season 2


Vultureman builds a Thundranium, projector which is capable of creating concentrated regions of Thundranium. When the ThunderKittens damage it, he damages their spaceboard sending them off into danger and while Lion-O and Snarf search desperately for the kids, Vultureman plans his revenge.

Meanwhile Vultureman must get more Thundrainium from Chilla in Dark Side and is also ordered by Slithe to fix the Mutants' machines. The Thunderkittens are saved by a Wollo and they discover that the Wollo village has been "iced" and they are captured and used as bait to lure Lion-O.

When Lion-O and Snarf arrive, they are shot down by Vultureman's weapon and Lion-O becomes weak and summons the Thundercats. Just as Vultureman is about to finish off Lion-O, Bengali arrives, wrecks Vultureman's weapon and drives the Mutants and Chilla away. Lion-O then uses the sword to restore the Wollo village.


Revenge drives people to do crazy stuff and hurts innocent people.



Main Characters
Guest Characters


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