First appearance | Return to Thundera
Last appearance | Mechanical Plague
Name | Warbot
Species | Robot
Affiliation | Mutants and Mumm-Ra
Weapon(s) | High-Tech Weapons

The Warbot was created by the Mutants in an attempt to destroy the ThunderCats. The Mutants planned to complete the Warbot on their home-planet of Plun-Darr, but hadn't been able to. When Lion-O travels back in time to Old ThunDera, his father Claudus gives him the blue-print of the Warbot which shows the juggernauts achilles heel.

Weapons & Abilities

Freezing Ray in the chest, laser on top of the head powerful, pliers capable of breaking chains, indestructible and able to resist fire, lightning, lasers, and ice, feed off the energy of their victims, and chains and attachments can the Head of the Cats Lair, with energy so that nobody can touch.


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