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WildStorm Productions was founded in 1992 as an independent American comic publisher and was purchased by DC Comics in 1999, which used it for separate imprints in a separate comics universe. As of September 2010, DC Comics announced plans to end the imprint and absorb some of the characters under the larger DC banner in the future.

Several ThunderCats comics were produced by WildStorm, most of which were five-part story arcs. There were also several one-shot comics and crossovers. Most of these comics tried to follow the storylines of the original series either as independent stories or sequels to the main storylines. There was also in addition to the comics a sourcebook.

Reclaiming Thundera (ThunderCats)

This initial series was labeled ThunderCats on the comic covers, it is five issues long. The overall story is a continuation of the animated series, picking up where it left off.


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4


Issue 5

The Return

Five long years have passed since the events of ThunderCats: Reclaiming Thundera, but for Lion-O, it feels like an eternity. An eternity since he disappeared into the Book of Omens and Mumm-Ra was finally able to defeat the ThunderCats...Lion-O must rally the rest of the ThunderCats and free Thundera....but has too much time passed, and can the ThunderCats be saved?


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4


Issue 5

Dogs Of War

Ten years into the future of the ThunderCats Lion-O is an aged king, ready to choose a successor now that his land is prosperous and at peace. But when that Utopia is shattered by the Dogs of War, a savage race of canines hellbent on domination he's forced to go to a most unexpected source for help: Mumm-Ra.


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4


Issue 5

Hammerhands Revenge

This series is also a five issue limited series, and of all the comics produced by wildstorm probably the most inaccurate to the original show's very loose continuity.


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4


Issue 5

Enemy's Pride

Lion-O begins acting strangely and making reckless decisions, only the Thunderkittens take notice. Unfortunately no one listens to them and the ThunderCats are about to discover that their greatest menace may come from within.


Issue 1


Issue 2


Issue 3


Issue 4


Issue 5


Two origins issues were produced.

180px-Thundercats origins heroes and villains
1) Origins: Heroes and Villains

Origins: Heroes and Villains is a one-shot comic book published by Wildstorm (comics) in February 2003. The book features 4 stories:

  • Mumm-Ra (origin of Mumm-Ra set in Ancient Egypt) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Race (origin of Cheetara) by Ken Siu-Chong
  • Young Claudis (the origin of Claudus) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Birth of Thundera (origin of Thunderians, Thundercats, the Cat's Lair, etc) by Ford Gilmore

2) Origins: Villains and Heroes
180px-Thundercats origins villains and heroes

Origins: Villains and Heroes is a one-shot comic book published by Wildstorm (comics) It is the second book in the "ThunderCats: Origins" series. The book features 4 stories:

  • Grune and Jaga (a little more background on their friendship and battle) by Ford Gilmore
  • Puppets of Men (the origin of Ta-She) by Ken Siu-Chong
  • Sword of Omens (how the sword was forged) by Ford Gilmore
  • The Destruction of Thundera (the final days of Thundera) by Ford Gilmore


Three "crossover" issues were produced.

150px-Battle of the Plenets and thundercats 1a
1) Battle of the Planets/ThunderCats #1: by Munier Sharrieff

2) ThunderCats/Battle of the Planets #2: by Kaare Andrews

In both the above issues, the two teams join forces against a combination of the villains of their respective series, but they are not in continuity with each other (in both they meet for the first time).

3) Superman/ThunderCats: by Judd Winnick, features the ThunderCats being sent to Earth's past and facing against Superman to gain a sister gem to the Eye of Thundera.


250px-Thundercats sourcebook

The Thundercats Sourcebook takes readers deep into the world from the animated series, supplying crucial data on the likes of Lion-O, Cheetara, Mumm-Ra, the Thunderkittens, Snarf and more. Every major character is profiled.


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